International Shipping Information

We are proud to offer worldwide shipping. Please note that some countries charge an import tax/VAT.

We offer two international shipping carriers: DHL and USPS. Please see below for more information about the two:

DHL offers the quickest, most reliable international shipping. When we ship internationally with DHL, we are able to pre-pay the VAT tax so that the package is not held for pickup/payment upon delivery. This means it should be delivered directly to your shipping address without any holds. We charge a universal 10% tax on all international orders to accommodate for the tax. If your country doesn't charge an import tax, we will refund the tax immediately. Click here to see if your country charges an import tax.

USPS offers more affordable shipping, though it may take up to one month for delivery. If your country charges an import tax, you will likely have to pay it upon delivery -- in which case your package may be held for pickup at your local post office. If you choose USPS at checkout, we will immediately refund the 10% international tax our shop charges, so you can pay it upon delivery. 

If you have any questions, please send us an email at and we get back to you ASAP.