Behind the Brand

SJLA is a jewelry project by Serena Saltzman. The 24 year old designer is resides in Los Angeles, where she was born and raised. She earned an undergraduate degree in law and public policy, but has found her passion in making jewelry.

The name SJLA consists of her first and middle names, Serena Jade (SJ) and her city Los Angeles (LA). Serena began this project out of love for making and sharing art, and also as a reaction to the fast fashion problem we face today. Her vision is to promote the individual while dismantling the problem, transforming consumers into active participants working toward an industry that benefits the environment and all people. 

By carefully creating expressive pieces with intention and mindfulness, SJLA Jewelry empowers customers as a dynamic form of self-expression. When consumers purchase products that have meaning, they begin to change their relationship to clothes and fashion. As a collective, by staying aware of social/environmental issues and engaging in conscious consumerism, consumers can revolutionize the industry and make the world a better place for everyone.

To learn more about fast fashion and SJLA's pledge to sustainability, click here.

Serena Saltzman
Brand Manager
Lindsay Brein