Behind the Collection: Illustration of Summer

Illustration of Summer is a limited number of versatile pieces created to match the clothes in my wardrobe I would love to wear this summer, if not for the lockdown. Jewelry is an essential part of self-expression and I love when different jewelry can make the same clothes feel unique depending on a vibe or mood. I wanted to design a versatile collection, where each piece can be paired with virtually any of the 10 clothing items I chose as inspiration for designing this collection. A versatile piece of jewelry can outlive trends and changing styles, becoming a staple part of our self-expression.

This collection is designed to illustrate the feeling of summer even if it's not experienced in the way we're used to. Life has been put on pause, but dream-fantasies of summer spent outdoors are running high. Illustration of Summer bridges the gap between reality and imagination, bringing the feeling of an LA summer to your jewelry box. The quarantine has been an unglamorous affair, but this collection is inspired by the will of women to impress ourselves for the sake of having fun.

A key element of this limited-edition collection is sustainability, featuring vintage glass charms, sustainably farmed freshwater pearls, and high quality gold-filled materials. Each design will be made in small quantities with one-of-a-kind materials and hand-painted designs.

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